If you are preparing to upgrade your ear piercing jewellery, you may find there are more options on the market than you first thought. These different options may leave you confused or wondering what the differences in each type are. Here are a few of the key points to understanding types of ear piercing jewellery and what you need to know about each type.

Ear Cartilage 

Ear cartilage piercings are usually located at the top of the ear. This area has very thin but tough skin and requires jewellery that has a slightly sharper tip than most standard options. Most of the jewellery for this type of ear piercing consists of barbells, captive beads and circular barbell options. This is the type of ear piercing jewellery where you may also find industrial earring designs. Most of the jewellery in this particular piercing section will be metal although some newer options are silicone.

Ear Lobe

Ear lobe piercings are the most common. These are done at the bottom of the ear, usually through the centre of the base of the lobe. Since this is the most common piercing type, you will find multiple options for ear piercing jewellery. Your material options range from precious metals to rubber and silicone inserts. You will also find this type of ear piercing jewellery to have options with precious stones as well. If you have multiple ear lobe piercings, you will have the ability to find bundled packs with various hoops or studs. 

Ear Tragus

The ear tragus is a piercing that many people are unfamiliar with. The tragus piercing is done on the small portion of skin located at the middle of the ear along the cheek line. The tragus area can be very sensitive, and jewellery must be made specifically for the site. This is due to the piercing area being smaller in depth than most other options. If you use a standard piece of jewellery here, it may cause scraps or could enter into the outer edges of the ear canal. This is why jewellery for this area is usually in the form of micro barbells or hoops. 

When you are ready to begin ordering your ear piercing jewellery, contact your local supplier. They can help with types of jewellery as well as materials and pricing. They can also answer any questions you have about taking care of the jewellery. If you have specific metal allergies, let the supplier know at the time so those options can be ruled out.