The pelvic floor muscles surround your bladder, rectum, and vagina, and you've probably heard that a stronger pelvic floor can improve your sex life and make it much easier to achieve strong orgasms during penetrative sex.

That's a great benefit for any woman, which is why Kegel exercises have become so well-known. Essentially, a Kegel exercise involves tensing those muscles and holding for greater lengths as time goes by to increase strength and control.

It's something you can do easily enough by yourself, but you can also pick up a special Kegel trainer. These are small enough to easily slip into the vagina, and they even provide biofeedback information to your phone to keep track of your exercises!

Here are just a few reasons why you should use one for your Kegel exercises.

Workout Guide

Kegels need to be performed regularly to be effective, but many women struggle to perform their routine each day. A Kegel trainer connects to your phone and guides you through quick workout routines. You can choose to increase strength or build endurance – following the routine on your phone is always a lot easier than counting the seconds yourself, and you'll be better able to increase intensity as the days and weeks go by.

Corrects Your Form

Women are told that Kegels are easy to perform – you simply tighten the same muscles you use to stop urinating mid-flow. However, it's surprisingly tough to get things right when you don't really know where all those muscles are and cannot see them. With a Kegel trainer, the biofeedback function will use motion sensors to track pelvic muscle movement and show you if you are exercising incorrectly. As you correct your movements, the right way eventually becomes second nature.

Just imagine you were doing squats wrong in the gym – you'd be expending all that energy without receiving the best results in return. The same sort of thing can happen with Kegels, so consider a Kegel trainer your spotter to improve form and optimize results.

Track Progress

You'll hopefully start noticing the difference after a few weeks of Kegels when you begin to enjoy sex more, but it can be tough to track progress at first. After all, you can't see your Kegel muscles growing the same way you see your biceps firming up after a few weeks at the gym. A Kegel trainer helps by tracking your results and working towards personalized goals. You'll be able to see just how far you've come.

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