Ever since their debut in the world of fashion, ugg boots have remained a popular choice of footwear for a good number of Australians. Nonetheless, there are still some people who may think that these boots are only considered trendy because of their popularity rather than being a functional form of footwear. The truth of the matter is ugg boots remain relevant with both regular people and celebrities alike because they offer various benefits other than being attractive footwear. So why should ugg boots be a staple in your shoe closet?

Ugg boots are great all year round

When some people think of a boot, they assume that it is only suitable footwear during the colder seasons. This assumption may be correct with winter boots, but ugg boots are specially designed to be comfortable all year round. Since the ugg boots are made from sheepskin, they are uniquely suited to protect your feet from moisture. During the summer, the ugg boots will wick the perspiration from your feet, which ensures your feet stay dry even during high humidity. On the other hand, during the winter, the uggs will keep your feet warm and prevent any ice and precipitation from penetrating into the shoe. Thus, you can wear your uggs all year round, no matter the weather!

Ugg boots have a comfortable fit

Another reason why you should purchase a pair of ugg boots for your shoe closet is the high levels of comfort that they afford you. An unwritten rule regarding the wearing of boots is that you should only do so with socks on. Ugg boots are unique in that they are designed to be worn barefoot. The boot is supposed to fit snugly around your foot to ensure maximum comfort and warmth. Since the shoe is breathable, you can rest assured that your feet will not develop foul odours when you wear the uggs without socks on.  However, make sure that you buy the right size so that your feet are not constricted

Ugg boots are highly durable

One of the outstanding advantages of ugg boots is their high durability. What some people may not be aware of is how sheepskin is one of the strongest materials. Moreover, the elasticity of the sheepskin ensures that your boots will not become brittle and crack with prolonged use. Lastly, since uggs are considered trendy, you will not have to worry about being out of fashion no matter how old your boots are.